I write today…

I write today, of tormented hearts,DSC_1825
The broken dreams and murky pasts.
Smiles that were washed away,
Trodden on, as if child’s play.

I write today, of fiery skies,
Dying heroes and monstrous lies.
The lesson of love has been long forgotten,
For the human race is now woe-begotten.

I write today, of the broken stance,
The lost sun, the forgotten dance.
Lost is our humanity, our faith in it, and thus our sanity.
For how else can we set aside,
The death of an innocent child.

I write today, of the broken home,
The crooked mirror, the stolen hope.
She gave them signs, or so they say,
Did it give them the right, to tear her essence away?

“I write today, for a fresh start.
A blue sky, over happy hearts.”