I am who I am (Poem)


My life is a celebration of future dA lonely lightays,
bathed in the light of a darker phase.
For success casts a shadow long and dark,
leaving me blind to what blocks my path.
And so I choose to remember the past,
be humbled by it and rein my heart.
It is because I follow a road not sought,
that I am who I am, a different knot.

Hold your tears, I have often been told,
for failure is naught but another toehold.
Yet I cry every instance I fail,
For my tears clean away the murky trail.
Leaving a road that is clean and free,
to discover the toehold promised to me.
It is because I challenge what I’ve been taught,
that I am who I am, a different knot.

Struggle to survive, and always fight to win,
it’s said, to run without fighting is the greatest sin.
Yet I often run from insurmountable odds,
I’d rather run and be spared the rods.
So that the blood in my veins can be put to use,
instead of being a puddle under another’s shoes.
It is because I refuse what others have bought,
that I am who I am, a different knot.

(This poem is a celebration of individuality. A concept that is often frowned upon in our society. This poem celebrates the desire to be different, the desire to not conform. To be free)

-Aseem Shandilya


Beware oh traveller (Poem)

Is life to be spent in the pages of a book?
Is it better spent learning from the road you took?
Though there is nothing wrong with whatever you pick, beware oh traveller that you give it a think.
A book can teach you your t’s and p’s
Through the road you learn thank you and please
Yet neither of the two give you a guarantee,
Of gaining success with a finality.
Instead it is often a function of your will
Do you have what it takes to climb the hill?
You may never know unless you take the risk, beware oh traveller that you give it a think.
They say relationships are to be felt,
That love is to be experienced for the heart to melt,
Yet words can be enough to feel a lion’s pelt.
It describes the pain of violence but without the belt.
Whether you shield your heart or let it sink, beware oh traveller, that you give it a think.