Welcome Aboard

This is what I look like in real life.

Welcome reader,

This blog is a window into my heart (figuratively speaking). It is a sum total of all that I want to express and all that I want to do. Its purpose is two-pronged; On one hand it will present my creations to the world in a simple, yet effective manner. On the other, it will be a medium in my attempts to help people who face difficulties in public speaking.

Now before you start expecting me to become all preachy and start handing out advice, I would like to present the basic tenets of this blog. I won’t claim to know all there is to know, neither will I ever force my ideas upon someone. Anytime that you as a reader feel that I am getting ahead of myself or have started becoming preachy, please point it out. Anytime you feel that I have become too full of myself, please feel free to knock me off my high horse. Having said that, I must urge you to refrain from using prejudiced or hurtful words in your comments. Such words are detrimental to creativity and learning.

Even though I say that I will be helping people who face difficulties with the language and with public speaking, I have another ulterior motive behind this blog. Over time, I felt that I have not allowed my skills to grow. This blog will help me escape that stagnation and rediscover the passion all over again. In order to do these things, we need mutual cooperation because only by mutual cooperation we can undergo mutual learning.  I will present my ideas and you comment on them. That way, I learn from your comments and perhaps you can take away something from my posts too.

Let me highlight some of the key features of this blog. I will try to post an article or a composition every two days. Sometimes I may fail to meet the deadline, you’ll have to bear with me. In addition to my other “normal” posts, I will also keep posting some interesting facts about English and the art of public speaking as well.

A regular feature will be a trio of words published everyday. In return, I ask you to post another 3 words in your comments. That way, everyday we can cover at least six words.

Here’s hoping to a long and fruitful association.

Aseem Shandilya